How To Get Richer: The 3-Step Plan Based On An Inescapable Principle

To improve your financial situation, get richer and then achieve financial independence, you should not only seek to earn more money. You must first try to develop good financial habits and manage your current income properly.

How to get rich?. In order to achieve this goal and improve their financial situation, most people seek to increase their income and earn more money.

This does indeed seem to go without saying.

There is no lack of methods: an increase in salary, whether by changing jobs or changing positions, setting up a business, investing in furniture and/or real estate, tax exemption, reselling on the Internet, crowlending, …

In the long run, this remains of course a good idea. As much from a purely financial point of view as from the point of view of taking control of one’s life.

That being said, this plan is not perfect. Far from it …

Why this method is bad

First of all, increasing income and earning more money can take time. And it can take several months before any results are seen.

Moreover, as Gilles explains, the various taxes being what they are in France, earning £2 gross only brings in £1 worth of useful income. In other words, for an enrichment goal, you will need twice as much income.

Above all, without learning good management and spending habits, the gains generated are likely to pass immediately … into consumption and spending.

Which, in the end, may not lead to any financial improvement or enrichment. Mm-hm…

In fact, the initial plan is based on a miscalculation.

The basic principle

It’s not just the money you make that makes you rich.

What really enriches you is the money you keep and spend on creating or acquiring assets.

This principle, if you want to improve your financial situation, get richer and then achieve financial independence, you must not lose sight of it.

You get rich with the money you keep and devote to creating or acquiring assets.

You get rich with the money you keep and spend on creating assets.

How to get rich: the right method

It follows from this that the most effective way to get results quickly is to start acting on the money you already earn, namely your current income.

And once that’s done, you can go back to your original plan: increase your income.

To sum up, the really effective way to get richer is to apply this 3-step plan:

  • properly manage your current income
  • invest intelligently and regularly
  • increase your income and increase your investments

By doing so, you’re sure to:

  • optimize and make the most of your current situation
  • don’t waste your new income on futile expenses…

I imagine you’re eventually disappointed.

Because all this means that enriching yourself will take time, work and patience. But there’s no secret.

If you want to skip these elements, I see only 2 solutions: gambling and theft. Even though gambling will still take time, you’d know if you could win the lottery every time. As for stealing …

Note that you can of course play games of chance in addition to a well thought-out investment strategy.

But where this plan to get rich definitely takes the edge over gambling is that it allows you to do more than just get rich and invest in assets.

It allows you, in a secure way, to finance projects that are close to your heart and to create other forms of enrichment.

For my part, this plan has allowed me :

  • buy my home: the traditional investment
  • opening and funding life insurance and PEAs: a classic financial investment and the creation of income-generating assets
  • financing my sabbatical: another form of enrichment since I manage my time and leisure as I wish

If it worked for me, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you.

How to get started

Nevertheless, this shot remains very macroscopic and does not go into detail.

Presenting all the details is not the objective of this article. But I can at least give you a few hints to start with.

And, in this case, how to properly manage your income. I advise you to do the following:

  • Analyze your financial habits and expenses;
  • trim your expenses to save some money;
  • set up a budget.

The use of a budget management software, even a simple one, is necessary. You can’t control what you don’t measure …

Investing and creating financial assets goes well beyond this objective because there are many options. But to get started, I advise you to :

  • Create a precautionary fund;
  • automate transfers to your savings accounts;
  • pay yourself first.

With these few actions, you will be on the right track to manage your money properly and get richer.


Simply creating new income may not be enough to make you rich. If you’re not careful, it can be swallowed up by unnecessary expenses and poor financial habits.

In fact, you’ll get richer with the money you keep and spend on creating or acquiring assets.

It is therefore important to start by managing your current income properly and then invest intelligently and regularly. Creating new income is only the third step.