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The Weight Of Your Daily Expenses: How A Coffee Can Change Your Life

Your daily and weekly expenses have a major effect on your overall spending. Taking an interest is a simple way to spend less, enrich yourself and finance your projects and dreams. Find out how.

In a previous article, I reminded you of this excellent advice: pay yourself first. So that you can quickly build a financial security mattress and then start saving for real investments. (more…)

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How To Take Your First Steps With Crowdlending

Crowdlending is a family of participative financing, or crowdfunding, dedicated to the financing of companies and real estate projects. It is remunerative and allows you to boost your investments. The little guide to take your first steps with confidence.

With the general decline in returns on most investments, many investors are now tempted to look elsewhere for new, more profitable but also more atypical investment solutions. It is to meet this demand that many solutions have recently appeared on the market. (more…)

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Tax Exemption Or The Art Of (Legally) Optimising Your Taxes

Tax exemption is a financial tool that you can add to your arsenal to optimize your investments or even prepare your future. Like any tool, it should be handled with care and wisdom. But its assets are numerous and you would be wrong not to consider it. Small presentation.

Every year you see your budget melt away with the payment of your taxes. (more…)