Financial Independence

A Brief Guide to Financial Independence

My major financial goal is not to make more money just for the sake of making more money. My major financial goal is to achieve financial independence. The overall goal, on a lifetime scale, is to decide for myself how I use my time.

Money is not an end in itself. It is only a tool. But since money can meet most of our needs and wants, it is a more important tool than the others. (more…)

Financial Independence

How To Get Richer: The 3-Step Plan Based On An Inescapable Principle

To improve your financial situation, get richer and then achieve financial independence, you should not only seek to earn more money. You must first try to develop good financial habits and manage your current income properly.

How to get rich?. In order to achieve this goal and improve their financial situation, most people seek to increase their income and earn more money. (more…)